What To Know About Mist Fogging Kits and How They Can Boost Your Productivity

Advanced Misting Systems is one of the leading suppliers of mist fogging kits on the West Coast and beyond. So what is a mist fogging kit? It’s a device that regulates the temperature and humidity in outdoor areas of homes or businesses. However, they can also be used indoors in certain settings, such as larger warehouses or industrial plants. Mist fogging kits from Advanced Misting Systems offer businesses numerous advantages. By using one, you can help boost workplace productivity by reducing the overall temperature and improving air quality. 

You can learn more about the details on mist fogging kits and their benefits below: 

What is a Fogging Kit?

A mist fogging kit is a device that emits a fine mist of water into the air. This fog can help cool down an area, increase humidity, and improve air quality. Mist fogging kits are often used in outdoor settings, such as patio areas, decks, or backyards. They are frequently used in outdoor areas that not only benefit from cooling but from the added visual effect that fog can have, which can often include pools, restaurant patios, outdoor bars, and more. However, they can be used in certain indoor settings – as long as the fog is given enough space to dissipate. 

How Do Mist Fogging Kits Work?

Mist fogging kits produce their characteristic fog by atomizing water. This effect is achieved using a high-pressure pump and misting lines fitted with specialized nozzles, which fill the air with extremely fine droplets. These water droplets create a fog in the area affected by the fogging kit. However, as they evaporate, the fog helps to absorb heat from their surroundings and cool the air. This streamlined technique begins almost instantly upon activation and may be scaled up to swiftly and effectively cool larger work areas. 

How Mist Fogging Kits Can Boost Productivity 

Mist fogging systems can significantly boost workplace productivity. Here’s how:

Make Your Work Area More Comfortable

Businesses, such as machinery makers, labor and tool shops, and other similar establishments, generally operate in semi-enclosed facilities to support their operations. As a result, these facilities can experience the brunt of any adverse weather. This effect is especially true during the warm summer months when the heat depletes employee energy. 

One of the most popular uses for mist fogging kits is to create cooler, more comfortable business environments on hot summer days. The mist from the fogger can help lower the temperature in your warehouse, shop, or manufacturing plant, making it a more comfortable place to work, which can boost productivity. 

Energy Efficient

Most businesses are accustomed to using air conditioning systems and fans to keep cool during summer. While these are indeed effective, they are ultimately very costly. Our fogging systems use less wattage compared to conventional, large industrial air conditioning units.

Some commercial AC systems also use water to generate their cooling effect. However, mist cooling systems and fog cooling kits typically use less water per hour than these types of air conditioning units. As a result of this efficiency, business owners can enjoy higher productivity without having to worry about wasting energy or paying exorbitantly high energy or water bills. 

Boost Air Quality

The quality of the air you breathe is critical if you work in a machine shop or industrial plant.

Exhaust from machinery, tools, and chemicals used in an industrial process can contain a large number of particles that can irritate an individual’s respiratory system. One of the best ways to ensure the air you breathe is healthier and less likely to house contaminants is to install a mist fogging kit.

The fog generated from these systems can help cool workers while also trapping airborne contaminants and sinking them closer to the ground. With cooler, healthier air, employees can focus on their work and be more productive. 

Ready to Get Started?

Mist fogging kits from Advanced Misting Systems are considerably beneficial for commercial businesses, such as resort pools, restaurant or bar patios, warehouses, industrial plants, and more. The cooling comfort these kits provide can improve temperatures, humidity, and air quality in outdoor and some indoor spaces, which can result in a boost in productivity. 

Advanced Misting Systems can help find the right mist, fog, or evaporative cooling solution to fit your specific needs. Our team of experts will work with you to identify the best possible option for your situation, helping to ensure that you stay cool and comfortable. Contact us today for more information on mist fogging kits or to place an order!