What’s New In Misting Systems For 2021

Advanced Misting Systems has over 20 years of experience in helping customers with their cooling needs. This includes the sale and support of misting systems, fans, pumps, trailers, evaporative coolers, and more. Misting systems have gained in popularity with both residential homeowners and commercial businesses owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. With more people eager to go outdoors and resume their everyday routines, misting technology has become a welcome avenue for lowering the overall temperature of an outdoor sunroom or patio area by surrounding the area in a cooling mist.

Before we talk about the latest technological advancements, let’s discuss what makes a misting system so amazing. First, try to envision the perfect summer day—it’s the perfect temperature, sunny, and it feels like you’re in paradise. Now, let’s get back to reality and picture what many summer days actually feel like—blistering hot with the sun feeling like it’s right above your head. You’re sweating profusely, and it feels like your body is being baked. With an outdoor misting system, every experience you have outdoors during the summer can be more like your ideal day. Just think about how great that would be, not only for yourself, but for your family, friends, and any visiting guests!

In 2021, misting systems still work pretty much the same, but with some extra perks that make things easier for yourself. A misting system isn’t very complex, as it simply uses high pressure to push water through specialized nozzles. This water becomes a very fine mist that cools you down through an evaporative cooling effect.

Now that we’ve covered the overall basics of how an outdoor misting system works and why they are gaining popularity let’s talk about changes they’ve gone through in 2021.

Remote Controlled & Handheld Controllers For Misters

With the addition of remote controls to outdoor patio misting systems and fogging systems, it’s no longer necessary for you to walk up to the mist system itself to change its settings. Obviously, it could be a big inconvenience to constantly need to go up to a misting system and change it yourself. Now though, you can simply use a remote control to change the settings. Using a handheld controller for outdoor misters is also amazing for pre-cooling an area before you step into it. So if it is so hot out that everyone is sweating like a politician on election day, you can simply use your remote control to cool the area down to your ideal temperature before walking over to it.

Smart Home Integration

Your misting device can now be connected to a common control system that also regulates other utilities such as lighting, TV, speaker sound, appliances, and more. In other words, your misting device can have smart home integration where all sorts of things can be controlled from one console (such as your smartphone, for example). This allows you to experience next-level luxury, where you can change an outdoor mister’s settings at will. For example, if you are a commercial business owner with multiple misters, a smart system could allow them to be turned on and off in accordance with where the sun is shining outside or the time of day. Smart home integration with your mister just makes life that much easier.

New Pumps Have Sound Deadening & Are Very Quiet

A misting system is supposed to make you feel relaxed and enjoy life. However, there isn’t much point in feeling cool and comfortable if your misting system sounds like an old sprinkler. That’s certainly no way to relax! Misters in 2021 is equipped with new pumps that make little sound, meaning you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in comfort and what you are focusing on at the moment, whether that’s reading a book or talking to friends.

New Specialty Fittings To Make It Easy For Installations

In 2021, outdoor fogging and misting systems are now made with specialty fittings that install quicker, easier, and with less of a hassle. As a result, you won’t have to worry about pieces fitting poorly together and leaking or perhaps not working in the first place. Overall, this means a more reliable product and less stress on your end.

How Advanced Misting Systems Can Help You Pick Out Your Perfect Mister

At Advanced Misting Systems, we are passionate about what we do and quite skilled at what we do, as we’ve been working with misting systems in all aspects for over 20 years. So whether you’re a homeowner who wants a misting system to increase life satisfaction or a business that wants to impress customers and make them feel comfortable, we can select the best product for you. In addition, we are always on top of the latest developments and technologies in the industry, so we will make sure you have access to the latest and greatest when it comes to your office or home’s backyard patio misting system or fogging system.

Simply call us or contact us here and we will get back to you and answer any questions you have.