Patio Heater Safety for Winter

image (10)Patio heaters are a great way to extend the amount of time that you have to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your home during colder seasons. Yet, like any appliance, patio heaters come with their own set of precautions you should take while using them. This guide from Advanced Misting Systems outlines the major safety issues to be aware of while using a patio heater.

First, keep combustible items away from a patio heater. This includes wood, paper, plastics, lighters and other flammable substances. Make sure there are no hanging plants or trees nearby that can come in contact with the heater. If the heater uses propane, make sure to always turn off the heater and seal the propane tank when not in use. If the heater is electric, be sure to unplug the heater and allow it time to cool before storing it.image (9)

Second, do not move patio heaters while they are on. Instead, turn them off and wait for them to cool before moving them. The heaters should always be placed on a level surface and positioned so that they are out of the wind.

Never leave children or pets unattended with a patio heater, as the heater can fall if pushed. Children should not operate the heater outside of an adult’s supervision. Do not operate a patio heater indoors, as that may increase the risk of fire.

Propane and gas patio heaters require proper ventilation. Check for obstructions near the air holes or vents and clean regularly. Debris can accumulate in the vents and cause a reduction in performance, so it is important to always pay attention to the operation of imageyour heater.

Common sense plays a major role in the use of all outdoor heating applications, and good judgment should always be exercised when using any kind of equipment. With a better understanding of the operation and features of the various types of patio heaters, you will be able to make a smarter purchasing decision, based on your needs and expectation. For more information about patio heaters and using them safely, visit us online at or review our catalog of patio heaters here. For questions concerning different types of heating methods, call 760-779-1352.