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Announcing Our New Office & Showroom

At Advanced Misting Systems we are proud to announce the opening of our new office and patio heater showroom. We will also be adding to our inventory all types of PGS BBQ Grills, high-pressure mist systems, umbrellas, patio furniture, and patio accessories. Keep in mind we are an internet based company so we are limited to how much we can inventory, which is how we are able to keep our prices low, but we do have a good selection and our sales team is the best on patio heater and misting system information. Eunice is our patio furniture expert; she can help you with all your patio furniture needs.

Please come by and see us or check out any one of our websites:

What the Heck is Evaporative Cooling?

What Is Evaporative Cooling?

When water evaporates from the surface of something, that surface becomes much cooler because it requires heat to change the liquid into a vapor. A nice breeze on a hot day cools us because the current of air makes perspiration evaporate quickly. The heat needed for this evaporation is taken from our own bodies.

As air comes in contact with water it absorbs it. The amount of water absorbed depends largely on how much water is already in the air. The term humidity describes the level of water in the air. If the air holds 50% of its capacity, the humidity would be 50%. If the humidity is low, then the capacity to hold more water is higher, and a greater amount of evaporation takes place.

When the air contains large amounts of moisture, the humidity is said to be high. If the air contains only a small amount of moisture, the humidity is said to be low. When the air holds as much moisture as possible at a certain temperature, the air is saturated. At saturation, the temperature and the dew point are the same. The amount of humidity varies according to the temperature and location. The warmer the air, the more moisture it is able to hold.

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BRAND NEW mist kits available!

Advanced Misting Systems has updated their cooling systems inventory. Check out our new items!

  • NEW! Low Pressure Misting Kits Added! Click!
  • Low Pressure Flex Tubing Kits
  • RV Misting Kits
  • Brand New Low-Medium Misting Kits perfect for operate at a minimal cost and have a low noise production. These systems are perfect for small patios or home yards and will last a long time due to premium parts.
  • As well as many new configurations on already stocked Kits. Be sure to check it out! (Link to page above as well as RIGHT HERE!)

Summer Is on Its Way!!

Summer is almost upon us!  Get your mist cooling system in place before it hits.  Advanced Misting Systems Co. is the leading supplier of misting systems across the country.

Whether you have a residential or restaurant patio, auto shop, agricultural or livestock facility, Advanced Systems can cool you off. We offer many cooling system solutions from circulation fans, misting fans, misting kit acccessories, 1000psi pumps, evaporative coolers, portable a/c units and more. You name it, we got it!

Call today for a free consultation.  Our professional and knowledgeable sales staff is standing by to help you evaluate your application and help design the most effective and cost conscious misting/cooling system to help fight the hot summer!

CALL TODAY!!! 760-779-1352 or toll FREE 800-549-5077

High Pressure Misting

High pressure misting is the key to cooling off any patio.  Weather it be a restaurant or a residential patio, there is only on way to mist it.  High pressure!  Going with the inexpensive low pressure system that simply runs off of your regular household pressure will simply get everything and everyone wet.  Increasing the pressure to approx. 1000psi creates flash evaporation, which turns warm air into cool air.

When thinking about misting, do it right the first time and invest high pressure misting.  Call us here at Advanced Misting Systems and let us explain how it works and customize a system for you.  800-549-5077

Misting with Fans

facebook---profile-picWe would like to inform you how to utilize circulation fans with your high pressure mist to help evaporate and circulate, and ultimately COOL.

In parts of the country where it is quite humid, utilizing fans and mist together is almost a MUST!  Obviously, mist is simply putting H2O into the air.  But in order to be effective in these humid territories, you must use a fan to circulate the mist and help it evaporate in the air before it comes in contact with anything. If it does, it will likely create a wet surface.  By circulating the mist, it evaporates, creates cool air, which is then circulated throughout the intended areas. Thus creating a much more comfortable environment all together.  Please call contact us for more information on this and other unique tips to create the most comfortable outdoor experience possible! 800-549-5077