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Commercial Misting Systems for Cooling

For decades, a large number of enterprises in tropical or subtropical climates have recognized the value of investing in commercial misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems for cooling. Outdoor venue operators are constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep their spaces cool, and one such method is to employ a misting system. Restaurants, outdoor office patios, car shops, garden venues, theme parks, playgrounds, and farms are a few examples of these.

Advanced Misting Systems has been a market leader in selling and locally installing high-quality misting systems for commercial applications for over two decades. During that time, misting systems have come a long way technologically. An internal engine uses numerous pressured tubes loaded with tiny water droplets ranging from five millimeters to 50 microns to create a fine mist. A pressure of at least 500 pounds per square inch (PSI) is required to develop these-sized droplets, as anything fewer results in larger droplets with a lesser cooling effect. One thousand pounds per square inch is the industrial standard pressure.

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Business Patio Misting Systems

When it comes to commercial misting systems, there is no better evaporative cooling option than Advanced Misting Systems’ misters and cooling fans. This is especially the case if your business operates an outdoor patio. Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, or entertainment arcade, our misting technology can keep your guests, and customers cool during the hot summer months. Even in places where summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees, our commercial patio misters allow your customers to enjoy your outdoor venue.

The effectiveness of our misting systems is hardly unexpected, given our cutting-edge technologies. Our commercial cooling misters are outfitted with a 1,000-psi pump system that produces flash evaporation with no residual moisture. This can cool any place by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing your guests to enjoy their visit even during the sweltering summer months.

Industrial Misting Systems

Our industrial misters and cooling fans are high-quality solutions that will keep your customers and employees cool and comfortable even in intense temperatures. They are perfect for industrial applications since they can produce up to six tons of evaporative cooling mist per fan. The high-pressure pumps spray a fine mist in front of the fans, absorbing heat quickly and giving cooled, comfortable air.

We can create an extraordinarily thin mist that significantly cools the air without leaving it moist or humid by combining stainless steel tubing, fog and mist nozzles, and our cutting-edge pump modules. Our high-quality commercial cooling fans are ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • Livestock & Animal Cooling Systems
  • Military Cooling Systems
  • Movie Set Cooling Systems
  • Odor Control
  • Oil Field Cooling Systems
  • Patio Misting Systems
  • Event Cooling & More

We also provide low-pressure and stainless steel misting rings and other professional mister supplies and accessories for even more unique cooling options. With evaporative cooling misters from Advanced Misting Systems, the outdoor cooling options for your needs are virtually limitless. Need parts and accessories? No problem!

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Flexible Solutions

Our systems are highly adaptable, allowing us to provide a solution for any outdoor business. Upon request, more elaborate cooling is available; we have a 30-foot 1000 PSI system available for more intensive applications. From 30 to 20 feet, temperatures might drop by as much as 30 degrees, depending on the situation. There is a mid-pressure (300 PSI) unit available, which is perfect for daily business operations with an outdoor patio and can drop temperatures by up to 20 degrees.

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For even better cooling alternatives, we also offer low-pressure and stainless steel misting rings, as well as other professional mister supplies and accessories. The outdoor cooling possibilities for your commercial needs are nearly infinite with evaporative cooling misters from Advanced Misting Systems.

If you want to provide outstanding service to your team, visitors or clients with our commercial outdoor misting systems or business misting fans, give us a call at (760) 779-1352 or contact us online today to receive FREE delivery on orders over $100!

Commercial Outdoor Bar & Patio Misting System

For the highest-quality, affordable commercial outdoor bar and patio misting systems, look no further than Advanced Misting Systems. We have been the premier leader in selling low, medium, and high pressure misting systems for DIY applications such as backyard patios and commercial spaces for close to two decades. This is unsurprising given that outdoor bars, patios, pool side bars, sheds, and outside pubs are becoming increasingly popular all over the country.

Advanced Misting Systems has been a recognized name in the sale of commercial misting systems since the 1990s. During our years in the business, the misting technology in the inventory we carry has evolved tremendously. Including state-of-the-art misting pumps that compliment most of our misting kits.

How Do Our Outdoor Misting Systems Work?

How do our customizable misting systems keep you cool during the hottest days of the summer? Our manufacturer’s proprietary technology leverages the science of thermodynamics, highlighting three methods that the human body utilizes in order to lose heat and cool down; conduction, evaporation, and convection. Misting fans use all three.

Our patio high end misting systems are equipped with a high-pressure water pump, including a powerful blower fan to maximize efficiency. Our high end pumps generate an ultra-fine mist using misting nozzles or a centrifugal misting system to provide a lovely cooling sensation.

Our misting pumps are built with UL-certified components, as our experts about our pumps that include a safety valve that automatically shuts down the pump when the water supply runs low. Furthermore, ask us about our high pressure and mid pressure unit types that have thermal and short circuit protection to avoid overloading your home or business’s breaker circuit.

Benefits of Using Our Outdoor Bar & Patio Misting Systems

For close to two decades, our customers have rated our misting systems as some of the best in the market. Below are the benefits you can expect from our outdoor bar and patio misting solutions.

Lessen the Risk of Heat-Related Health Issues

Outdoor bars and patios are some of the most enjoyable places to be when the weather permits. However, prolonged exposure to excessively hot temperatures can pose serious health hazards during summer, such as heatstroke. Heatstroke is a dangerous condition that is triggered when the body loses more water than it can replenish in a short period of time. Health experts have warned about the rising cases of heat-related illnesses in the country. One of the best preventative measures is to invest in an outdoor misting cooling system. The cooling effect is even greater when our powerful outdoor misting system is coupled with shade.

Customizable & Adaptable

A welcome feature of our patio misting fans is their ability to be customized and tailored to your specific needs. This makes them ideal for any outdoor application, including outdoor bars and patios. Furthermore, they can be used as an alternative to air conditioners and traditional fans, saving money on energy costs. Regardless of the design of your outdoor bar or patio, our outdoor misting systems and misting fans can be configured to provide much-needed relief from the outdoor heat.

Our systems are also highly adaptable. This enables them to meet a variety of outdoor applications, including bars and patios. For larger spaces, we can provide a 30-foot, 1000-PSI misting cooling system which can lower temperatures by up to 30 degrees. We also feature mid-pressure (300 PSI) patio misting units ideal for daily business operations with a small rear patio or serving window.

Eradicate Dust, Odors, Insects, & Allergens

Another advantage of using Advanced Misting Systems’ outdoor misting systems is that they effectively minimize dust, odors, flying insects, and allergens. It’s a well-known fact that one of the disadvantages of being outside is the presence of dust and flying insects, especially if you’re at a restaurant. Thankfully, misters help repel pests from the dinner table or gathering area.

Additionally, because outdoor air is essentially unfiltered, any foul odors from the outside can waft in the area. This is in addition to the potential of allergens being present, such as pollen and ragweed, which can induce severe allergic reactions. By utilizing an outdoor patio misting system, these issues can be considerably mitigated, allowing guests to have a more pleasant outdoor experience.

Ready to Order?

At Advanced Misting Systems, we have amassed tremendous experience in all types of outdoor patio misting and cooling systems, including for bars and patios. Simply put, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we don’t stop helping once the sale is made. Contact us for more information and we’ll be happy to assist with getting your commercial outdoor bar or patio a customized misting system.

Benefits Of Restaurant Outdoor Patio Cooling During COVID-19 Pandemic And Social Distancing Protocols

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a restaurant outdoor patio misting system brings comfort to patrons who love dining out at restaurants but need to do so outdoors on the patio to meet their state’s social distancing requirements.

Yes, COVID-19 has changed the way we interact and enjoy our favorite activities, but restaurants, for one, have been able to adapt and make adjustments. In states with outdoor-only dining requirements, a patio misting system from Advanced Misting Systems can make all the difference and ensure that patrons can dine in comfort even on the hottest days.

Advanced Misting Systems is not a new company. We have been around for over 25 years, and our restaurant outdoor patio misting systems have brought comfort to many eateries long before today’s social distancing requirements. Advanced Misting Systems has several different options to fit each restaurant’s unique needs, size, and budget.

Most importantly, your customers will feel comfortable dining outdoors because the restaurant outdoor patio misting system will lower the ambient temperature with less energy consumption than fans or air conditioners.

How Do Misting Systems Work?

The systems use different pressure levels, water and electricity requirements, and thus they can cover different sized patios and outdoor seating areas.

Misting systems use water evaporation to take the heat out of the air. When water mist evaporates, it changes from liquid to a gas. Heat propels this change. Water draws energy from the heat in the air, making it cooler. Misting systems use fine water mist to draw the heat out of the air in this way.

With a misting system from Advanced Misting Systems, it can reduce the ambient temperature by as much as 30 degrees without creating any dampness whatsoever in the dining area.

The actual temperature drop can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the misting system’s efficiency, the ambient temperature, and the current relative humidity.

What Size Misting System Do You Need?

Misting systems get categorized by the level of pressure they provide. There are three pressure levels: high pressure, mid pressure, and low pressure. Here we will go into detail about each.

High-Pressure Misting Systems

High pressure misting systems have a pressure of 1000 psi. These produce a fine mist to blanket a large outdoor area. These misting systems are popular with restaurants because the mist dissipates very slowly, but it does not cause water to cling or to build up on surfaces such as tables or the patio floor. The last thing that you want is a wet slippery patio that could pose a potential hazard to guests. Which is one of the many reasons the high pressure misting system is ideal for an outdoor patio setting.

What are the components of a high-pressure restaurant outdoor patio misting system? These systems use a pump and tubing. Some options can meet a restaurant’s requirements for low noise equipment while it also meets their aesthetic design needs. You want your patrons to feel cool, but you don’t want them to see all the equipment.

The right restaurant outdoor patio misting system can reduce the temperature by as much as 30 degrees. In places with sweltering summers, a high-pressure system could prove necessary.

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Mid Pressure Misting Systems

Mid-pressure misting systems work well for medium-sized outdoor dining spaces. If you don’t have a big patio and want to stay within your budget, this option could be the best for your needs. Mid-pressure misting systems provide 300 psi of pressure.

This kind of cooling pressure causes very little moisture residue. Advanced Misting Systems mid-pressure packages also come with extra tubing types and tube lengths to give you more options for cooling your outdoor patio space.

Low-Pressure Misting Systems

Low-pressure misting systems are the budget option for those who need to cool small spaces. Restaurants with small decks or patios can save money with a low-pressure system while still getting the performance required to keep their outdoor dining area cool during the hottest time of year.

What Are The Benefits of Misting Systems?

Misting systems have a slew of benefits, some of which may seem counterintuitive at first.

For example, misting systems are significantly more efficient than the alternatives. The reason this sounds counterintuitive is the fact that misting is spraying out water. It feels like a waste of water. But that’s not true when compared to the alternatives.

It takes about 25 gallons of water to produce one kilowatt of electricity with natural gas. Your average air conditioner produces about 3-5 kilowatts of power per hour. That adds up to at least 75 gallons of water every hour.

Compare this number to a small water pump, which only uses 250 watts of electricity per hour. That’s ¼ kilowatts. For a 10 square foot patio, you’d need 10 nozzles to mist the area. If these nozzles pushed out one gallon per hour each, combined with the pump, you’d be using 16 ¼ gallons per hour.

An outdoor restaurant patio misting system uses much less water and much less electricity than an air conditioning unit.

Another advantage of patio misters is that, when you have the system well planned out, the installation process is simple. You can set it up with the kit regardless if you are a novice or a DIY enthusiast, or an experienced professional misting systems expert.

The misting system is an ideal solution for any restaurant patio or outdoor commercial dining space for use during summer for many years to come, well beyond when social distancing regulations get relaxed.

Make your outdoor restaurant patio misting system an annual fixture, that you will use every summer and keep your clients cool and comfortable. And that really is the most obvious benefit here; that a patio misting system allows your patrons to enjoy the outdoor area of your restaurant with the mists cooling effect and lowering of the ambient temperature.

Would You Like to Learn More about Restaurant Outdoor Patio Misting Systems?

Advanced Misting Systems has been selling, building and installing misting systems for over 25 years. We have a wealth of experience and expertise that we can use to help your restaurant adapt to these new conditions.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries. Mike, our resident misting system expert, is available by phone (760-779-1352) and fax (760-779-1640). Available during business hours Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific. We are always happy to be of assistance.

How to Improve Profits at Your Restaurant or Bar

Many restaurant managers and bar owners have chosen Advanced Misting Systems to provide unique cooling solutions for their locations across the nation. Today we’d like to share with you some inside secrets to help you boost your revenue! The main idea is to think like your customer. What do they want to see, feel and experience at your restaurant or bar?

Add Patio Space

wfpdinstall8Every restaurant or bar can get stuffy at times. Allow your patrons to “escape for fresh air” to a patio space. Many, however, elect to use these spaces for smoking. Be aware of your city’s smoking laws to ensure your outdoor space is compliant with these laws to assure every patron is comfortable.

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Get Groceries, Stay Cool

A few months ago, we were contacted by the contractor responsible for overseeing the construction of a new Whole Foods here in Palm Desert. wide shot sign with mist

We were excited to be included in the process of creating one of the most anticipated retailers in recent memory.

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Custom Mist Fan Installation

We were recently contacted by the folks over at The Eveleigh Restaurant in Los Angeles to consult with them about misting their very large patio.


This upscale, hip gastropub was touted by Los Angeles Magazine for “….the megasize patio with the cityscape view is the place to be……”. Understandably, they wanted a solution that would cool down diners but not distract form the unique look and feel of their beautiful patio.

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