Michael David Workman

Misting Away Hot Weather

The weather here in Southern California is starting to warm up, possibly in the 90’s this weekend. The first hints of our brutal summers get our seasonal population thinking about heading north,  back to cooler temperatures. That also gets many of the Homeowners Associations & Facilities Managers thinking about all the renovations and improvements they plan to make during the “off” season when the occupancy rates are lower.

For us this means LOTS of bids to do for misting. Misting Systems are such an easy way to make your outdoor spaces more pleasant during warmer weather. There is little to no disturbance to your existing structures, plus you get a tremendous bang for your buck!

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Local Rentals Available Now

renting portable cooling units

Do you have a special event or gathering coming up? Are you worried about the unpredictable and often harsh desert weather? Have you thought about renting portable cooling units or misting fans?

We have the products needed to tame the desert heat. From portable evaporative coolers, large scale, heat-rehab misting trailers, look to Advanced Misting Systems to provide you with rental units that will keep you event cool and comfortable.

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The Dangers of Overheating

Since summer is fast approaching for parts of the country, Advanced Misting Systems is discussing overheating because we consider it a life-threatening situation. Join us as we explore its symptoms and effects.

Most of the country is going to start seeing a warming trend, especially in the Southwest and South in the coming months. These states generally see temperatures in the high 90s and well into the 100s. Some areas compound these hot temperatures with high humidity too. The human body’s normal functioning temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are exposed to these weather conditions, your body struggles with the suppressed oxygen levels of high humidity and the attempts to cool down from the increased temperature exposure.

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Using Mist for Dust and Odor Suppression

Recycling plants, wood working plants, sewage treatment plants, agricultural plants, and many others all have one main problem in common.  Dust and/or Odor!

blog1In some counties, it is required by law to have some sort of System in place to fight against or suppress the dust and/or odor.  We at Advanced Misting Systems have been treating these problems for over 20 years.

When dust and odor become airborne it is hard to control where it goes and how long it will linger around.  By the use of High Pressure Misting systems, Advanced Systems can capture the particles with moisture, which stops the odor and drops it to the ground, thus fixing the problem.

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Electric Heaters versus Gas Heaters

Patio HeaterPatio heaters have grown in popularity quite a bit over the course of the last few years. Because of their large heat output, restaurant and home owners alike turn to outdoor patio heaters to extend the use of an outdoor area for a few extra months, and in many cases, all year round. There are several varieties of outdoor heaters to choose from, including portable heaters, mounted heaters and tabletop. After choosing a style of patio heater and picking out the perfect design to compliment the outdoor space, the only option remaining is the choice to go for electric or gas. While the choice may seem complicated at first, the final decision should come down to the style of space where you will be using it. This guide from Advanced Misting Systems explains the difference between gas and electric heaters so you can decide for yourself.

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