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Commercial Greenhouse Misting Systems for Keeping Plants Cool

For the high-quality commercial greenhouse misting systems, customers look to Advanced Misting Systems. Many greenhouses employ commercial misting systems to keep plants, vegetables, and flowers hydrated and cool. Our misters and cooling fans have gained acclaim for their quality and performance. As a result, greenhouse operators have relied on our systems to keep plants cool and hydrated even in the hottest weather.

Advanced Misting Systems manufactures and installs a variety of greenhouse misting and sprinkler systems that range in size, from smaller to larger nursery greenhouses. Our misting systems can help create the ideal environment for healthy plants to attain their maximum potential.

Indoor greenhouse misting install

Commercial greenhouse

Outdoor greenhouse with misting system

About Advanced Misting Systems

When you partner with Advanced Misting Systems, you gain access to some of the foremost specialists in the cooling and misting industry. Our team has over two decades of expertise advising customers all over the country on selecting the best cooling and misting devices for their specific needs. For experts and do-it-your enthusiasts, we provide support and installation tips for installing DIY misting systems, fans, and evaporative coolers.

How Do Our Greenhouse Misting Systems Work?

Misting systems atomize pressurized water, into micron-sized aerosol particles that are disseminated evenly throughout a greenhouse. This process helps keep plants cool and hydrated. For older plants, we also provide overhead misting and sprinkler systems. Throughout the year, our sprinkler systems maintain desirable, consistent conditions. They also aid in reducing plant stress, help control the spread of plant diseases, and accelerate germination and growth rates.

Our misters are capable of cooling greenhouses by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Our premier system is outfitted with a 1,000-psi pump system that provides rapid evaporation and is an anti-drip misting system that everyone appreciates. With our commercial greenhouse misting systems, you can provide your plants with the ideal environment needed for them to thrive.

Benefits of Using Our Greenhouse Misting Systems


Our commercial greenhouse cooling systems are not only low-cost, but they are simple to install and use as well. As a result, businesses often experience a tremendous return on investment over the life of the units. If you need to enhance or maintain your misting system down the road, we stock a fantastic assortment of parts and accessories. Plus, our customer support is available to help!

Enables Plants to Thrive

Greenhouse misting systems are a simple and effective way to increase greenhouse humidity and encourage seed germination. Our misting systems include everything you need to install above-ground greenhouse misters to help your plants grow and achieve optimum health.

Very Effective

Keeping plants cool and hydrated during summer has always been a challenge for many farmers and gardeners. But with our highly innovative commercial misting cooling systems, we have helped meet these challenges head-on. Our misting fans can successfully achieve upwards of a 30-degree temperature drop and up to 100 percent humidity levels through evaporative cooling and air movement. As a result, there is enough airflow to keep temperatures low and stable, enabling plants to thrive.

Excellent Support

It’s easy to feel secure when you acquire one of our commercial greenhouse mist cooling systems because we have years of experience in the industry. Our support staff is consistently able to provide professional assistance and excellent customer service. In addition, we almost always keep all of the required parts and accessories for each misting system in stock to ensure they will continue to operate properly. Our goal is customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Commercial greenhouse misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems are ideal for various industrial applications. Our systems can produce up to six tons of evaporative cooling mist per fan. We also offer low-pressure and stainless steel misting rings and other professional mister supplies and accessories for even more cooling alternatives. For more information on our commercial greenhouse misting systems and how they can help your plants, contact us today!

How Outdoor Misting Systems Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Our high-end outdoor misting systems can help improve your quality of life during the summer by creating a cooler and more comfortable environment.

While your patio may be a favored area to relax or spend quality time with family and friends, that space may not be practical to use during the hot summer months. That’s why customers across the nation are turning to Advanced Misting Systems.

backyard misting next to pool

How Do Outdoor Misting Systems Work?

In many places across the United States, summer can be brutal, and staying cool can be challenging. For the longest time, most people have relied on fans and swamp coolers to cool their outdoor environment. Unfortunately, these methods are highly inadequate in terms of decreasing temperatures. Thankfully, there is a solution: outdoor misting systems.

Outdoor misting systems work on the premise of evaporative cooling. This principle dictates that water can absorb substantial heat during the transition from a liquid to a gaseous state. Outdoor misting systems consist of water supply tubing with spray nozzles evenly spaced along the length of an outdoor area. This system is typically attached to a structure that is higher up, such as a roof, outdoor patio enclosure or pergola. An external water source, like a garden hose or a faucet, is connected to the supply tube. Then, a built-in pump releases an ultra-fine mist through the nozzles that immediately cools an area without leaving it moist or uncomfortable.

How Can an Outdoor Misting System Enhance the Quality of Your Life?

Enjoy Your Patio and Outdoors All Summer Long

Without an outdoor cooling system, one must wait until the summer temperatures decrease to enjoy their favorite outdoor spaces. In some instances, people will defer their outdoor activities until later in the evening after sunset or when the sun is setting. With an outdoor misting system, it is possible to lower the overall temperature of some areas by up to 30 degrees. This creates an opportunity to spend more time outdoors with friends and family during the day.

Help Avoid Heat-Related Health Issues

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 600 people die in the United States each year due to extreme heat and heat-related illnesses, such as heatstroke. This generally occurs during the summer months with above-average temperatures and high humidity levels. One way to help prevent the risk of heatstroke is with an outdoor misting system that generates an ultra-fine mist. This cooling mist can help immediately lower an environment’s temperature and help people avoid the heat.

Allergy, Dust, & Pollen Control

In addition to excess heat, summer is a time when there is a lot of dust, pollen, and other allergens in the air. These airborne materials can make life miserable for those with allergies. One of the lesser-known advantages of outdoor patio misting systems is their ability to reduce airborne dust, pollen, and allergens. As a result, those with seasonal allergies can enjoy outdoor areas covered by a misting system without as much sneezing, watery eyes, a runny nose, or other allergic reactions.

Energy Efficiency

Outdoor misting systems consume significantly less energy than other cooling apparatuses. Compared to an outdoor air conditioner, misting systems consume considerably less water and energy. This enables you to maintain a more comfortable outdoor temperature while saving money on your utility expenses. With an outdoor misting system, you may enjoy classic outdoor summer activities, such as entertaining family and friends, without breaking the bank.

outdoor misting system


Ask About Our DIY Install Options

When it comes to installing our outdoor misting systems, the difficulty level is relatively modest. For DIY die-hards, our systems come in a DIY kit that contains everything you need for an installation. Soon you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy your cooler outdoor area in no time. Operating the system is equally simple as well. A hose connecting to the side of the house may regulate the water coming into the misting systems.

Contact Us for More Information

Outdoor misting systems can make outdoor areas cooler and much more habitable during the warm summer months. In doing so, misting systems can increase your overall quality of life. If you have questions or are ready to place an order for a high-quality outdoor misting system, contact us at Advanced Misting Systems today!

Commercial Misting Systems for Cooling

For decades, a large number of enterprises in tropical or subtropical climates have recognized the value of investing in commercial misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems for cooling. Outdoor venue operators are constantly on the lookout for new ways to keep their spaces cool, and one such method is to employ a misting system. Restaurants, outdoor office patios, car shops, garden venues, theme parks, playgrounds, and farms are a few examples of these.

Advanced Misting Systems has been a market leader in selling and locally installing high-quality misting systems for commercial applications for over two decades. During that time, misting systems have come a long way technologically. An internal engine uses numerous pressured tubes loaded with tiny water droplets ranging from five millimeters to 50 microns to create a fine mist. A pressure of at least 500 pounds per square inch (PSI) is required to develop these-sized droplets, as anything fewer results in larger droplets with a lesser cooling effect. One thousand pounds per square inch is the industrial standard pressure.

commercial misting systems

Business Patio Misting Systems

When it comes to commercial misting systems, there is no better evaporative cooling option than Advanced Misting Systems’ misters and cooling fans. This is especially the case if your business operates an outdoor patio. Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, or entertainment arcade, our misting technology can keep your guests, and customers cool during the hot summer months. Even in places where summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees, our commercial patio misters allow your customers to enjoy your outdoor venue.

The effectiveness of our misting systems is hardly unexpected, given our cutting-edge technologies. Our commercial cooling misters are outfitted with a 1,000-psi pump system that produces flash evaporation with no residual moisture. This can cool any place by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing your guests to enjoy their visit even during the sweltering summer months.

Industrial Misting Systems

Our industrial misters and cooling fans are high-quality solutions that will keep your customers and employees cool and comfortable even in intense temperatures. They are perfect for industrial applications since they can produce up to six tons of evaporative cooling mist per fan. The high-pressure pumps spray a fine mist in front of the fans, absorbing heat quickly and giving cooled, comfortable air.

We can create an extraordinarily thin mist that significantly cools the air without leaving it moist or humid by combining stainless steel tubing, fog and mist nozzles, and our cutting-edge pump modules. Our high-quality commercial cooling fans are ideal for a range of applications, including:

  • Livestock & Animal Cooling Systems
  • Military Cooling Systems
  • Movie Set Cooling Systems
  • Odor Control
  • Oil Field Cooling Systems
  • Patio Misting Systems
  • Event Cooling & More

We also provide low-pressure and stainless steel misting rings and other professional mister supplies and accessories for even more unique cooling options. With evaporative cooling misters from Advanced Misting Systems, the outdoor cooling options for your needs are virtually limitless. Need parts and accessories? No problem!

outdoor dinning misting system

Flexible Solutions

Our systems are highly adaptable, allowing us to provide a solution for any outdoor business. Upon request, more elaborate cooling is available; we have a 30-foot 1000 PSI system available for more intensive applications. From 30 to 20 feet, temperatures might drop by as much as 30 degrees, depending on the situation. There is a mid-pressure (300 PSI) unit available, which is perfect for daily business operations with an outdoor patio and can drop temperatures by up to 20 degrees.

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For even better cooling alternatives, we also offer low-pressure and stainless steel misting rings, as well as other professional mister supplies and accessories. The outdoor cooling possibilities for your commercial needs are nearly infinite with evaporative cooling misters from Advanced Misting Systems.

If you want to provide outstanding service to your team, visitors or clients with our commercial outdoor misting systems or business misting fans, give us a call at (760) 779-1352 or contact us online today to receive FREE delivery on orders over $100!

A Backyard Patio Misting System Can be a Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

A backyard patio misting system from Advanced Misting Systems would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift for the outdoorsy mom in your life. We all love to spend time outdoors with friends and family, but this is not always possible when outdoor temperatures are near or even above triple digits. In fact, heatstroke, a heat-related illness, is a leading cause of hospitalizations during summer. With a backyard patio misting system, your mom can finally enjoy time outdoors regardless of the prevailing heat. For the best backyard misting systems in the market, customers trust Advanced Misting Systems.

This Mother’s Day, treat the extraordinary mom in your life to a patio misting system. Give her the gift of spending time with her loved ones outdoors, despite hot temperatures and sweaty humidity.

A special woman in your life can take advantage of a backyard patio misting system to:

  • Enjoy her garden.
  • Relax and read a book.
  • Watch the hummingbirds and wildlife in the yard.
  • Expand her entertainment space.
  • Create her very own outdoor sanctuary.
  • Enjoy the patio all year long!

Advanced Misting Systems has been an industry leader in the sale of backyard patio misting systems for close to two decades. We offer a variety of simple-to-install outdoor cooling systems that run on ordinary household water. The pumps can generate a pressure of up to 1000 psi, producing an ultra-fine mist that rapidly cools the area without making it damp and unlivable. This can result in an overall reduction of the temperature by upwards of 10 to 20 degrees.

Easy to Install & Incredibly Effective

Want to surprise your mom or wife this coming Mother’s Day with a gift that endures for a long time and is easy to set up? Try our backyard patio misting systems. They are so simple to set up that even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can easily adorn any patio, no matter the size. The majority of our pre-packaged kits come with simple instructions allowing you to DIY this project in time for Mother’s day! Or if you are local we offer our expert installation services.

Thanks to our highly flexible options, you can build and outfit your patio with the right misting system for your specific needs. Installing one of our mister kits will allow your mom to enjoy her backyard patio or garden area throughout even the hottest days of summer.

How Do Our Backyard Misting Systems Work?

Patio misting systems use specialized technology to create a fine mist of water that cools the surrounding environment. In a nutshell, a basic system comprises fine spray nozzles fed by water supply tubes that are connected to an advanced pump. Our patio misting units can even use the regular household main water supply to create a mist. The cooling system is then installed around the backyard patio, pool area, garden or gazebo to provide the required cooling effect.

With our advanced backyard misting technology, your mom can enjoy the patio all summer long with minimal restrictions. By pressurizing water and pumping it through specialized mist nozzles, backyard misting systems produce fine water droplets, lowering the surrounding temperatures to pleasant levels. As a result, your mom can now relax and entertain friends and family even during the hot summer months.

make your pool look awesome

We Offer a Variety of Patio Misting Systems

At Advanced Misting Systems, we offer a wide range of high-pressure misting systems. Our misting kits also include all the parts and accessories needed to cool your mom’s backyard patio area. These include:

  • High-pressure misting pump
  • Misting tubing
  • Water filtration system
  • Brass nozzles
  • Connectors and brackets
  • And all misting parts required!

Benefits of Our Backyard Misting Systems

Creates a Pleasantly Cool Environment

While most of us enjoy lounging in our backyards during hot summers, it can get uncomfortable, especially if you reside in a subtropical region of the country. Temperatures can reach above 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Installing a backyard patio misting system is one of the finest ways to reclaim your outdoors and finally enjoy your backyard.

Our patented technology and simple installation features can result in a temperature drop of 15-20 degrees. So now, mom will be able to enjoy the beauty of her backyard space despite warmer temps.

Affordably priced

Our patio misting systems are less expensive to purchase and maintain than other types of outdoor units. There are also no recurring or installation fees. Parts and accessories are always available, and customer service is only a phone call away.


Our low-pressure misting systems do not require electricity. Instead, they can operate on natural gas or propane. This makes them incredibly energy-efficient and affordable to operate.

Cleans the Air & Repels Insects

The mist’s water droplets capture dust, allergies, and contaminants that linger in the air. The mist also deters mosquitoes, flies, bees, and wasps that make life miserable in the backyard. Winged insects are also known to avoid condensation, as it impairs their ability to fly.

Contact Us for More Information

To learn more about our backyard patio misting systems and how you can make this coming Mother’s Day memorable, contact us today. We stock all the parts and accessories and also provide excellent support.

Portable Military Misting Systems

In addition to other misting products and services, Advanced Misting Systems is widely regarded as a leading provider of military cooling misting systems. The opportunity to provide portable cooling methods that the military can rely on to keep their troops cool in harsh conditions is a job we take seriously. Whether the troops are in training or on a live mission, it is undeniable that military personnel are confronted with countless dangers. Among these is inclement weather, including severely hot and dry conditions.

Military servicemen and women must find innovative ways to stay cool to function at peak performance and execute their missions successfully. Advanced Misting Systems is dedicated to providing the military with the highest quality misting equipment available at the most competitive prices. It is essential that our military portable misting cooling trailer fans positively impact the lives of those serving in extremely hot locations such as in Africa, the Middle East, arid regions of the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Why It’s Important to Stay Cool While on Active Duty

Active duty service members working or training in the field are susceptible to heatstroke. Heatstroke occurs when the body overheats from prolonged exposure to or physical exertion in hot weather. In such situations, the body’s temperature can reach 104° F (40° C), potentially damaging the brain, heart, kidneys, and muscles.

service members with cooling trailer

The following symptoms can signal the onset of heatstroke:

  • Failure to think clearly
  • Confusion
  • Agitation
  • Slurred speech
  • Irritability
  • Delirium
  • Seizures
  • Coma
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Vomiting
  • Irregular breathing

Ignoring the symptoms of heatstroke can lead to death, its important to contact emergency services should you or others are experiencing symptoms of heatstroke. Prevention of overheating is key and why it so crucial to take advantage of our portable misting systems.

How Do Our Misting Systems Work?

For military service members deployed or training in hot environments, purchasing a misting system or portable cooling fan is an intelligent investment. Our products can help reduce the overall temperature by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because military service members sometimes work in remote locations where resources are scarce, we invested in advanced but easy-to-use technology. Our products can use regular tap water to provide a high-pressure cooling mist. Our mist pumps then pressurize it to up to 1000 psi. This process produces an ultra-fine mist that immediately reduces the temperature without leaving the space damp or uncomfortable. Mist pumps may reduce the temperature by up to 30 degrees in ideal conditions and 10 to 15 degrees in high humidity.

We provide portable cooling technology for military personnel serving in hot and dry environments. These include misting fans from the best brands in the market available for purchase on our website. We also have portable military cooling trailers available.

Our Products Are Tested & Proven Effective

We have military cooling systems to provide relief from the heat, allowing service members to avoid heatstroke. Our selection of military portable misting fans are trailer mounted for easy maneuverability. Our trailers and misting fans include a variety of manufacturers and models to choose from. All of our military-grade portable cooling systems are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for traveling or when training out in the field.

military personnel using misting systems to stay cool

A good reason why Advanced Misting Systems is the most popular online retailer of cooling systems is that we provide excellent customer service. And although there are numerous additional reasons, they all begin with the most comprehensive product selection accessible anywhere. Plus, we are happy to assist you in locating suitable equipment for your needs.

At Advanced Misting Systems, we prioritize customer satisfaction, and you get to work with some of the best in the business. We have over 20 years of expertise helping customers choose the right misting solutions and cooling products for their needs. In addition to our regular products, we also provide professional and do-it-yourself installation advice for mist systems, fans, evaporative coolers, and other goods.

Schedule a Free Consultation

In addition to portable military cooling systems, we also sell low-pressure stainless steel misting rings and other professional mister equipment and accessories. With Advanced Misting Systems’ evaporative cooling misters, your military cooling options are practically endless. For more information on our military misting systems, call (760) 779-1352 or contact us online today.

How Do Odor Control Misting Systems Work?

Industrial Odor Control System

Before we examine how odor control misting systems from Advanced Misting Systems work, let’s first define what they are. Odor control misting systems reduce unwanted odors by producing a fine fog composed of millions of microscopic water droplets that suppress odor molecules. This is performed by infusing a proprietary neutralizing chemical into the high-pressure system, resulting in a fog that engulfs the odor molecules. The end result? Cleaner air!

For high-quality odor control misting systems, customers trust Advanced Misting Systems. Over the course of nearly two decades, we have excelled at providing high quality misting systems for commercial applications.

Why is Odor Elimination Necessary?

It is vital to the profitability and well-being of many enterprises that all odors are eliminated. Odor management is almost always required in industrial settings because of the potential health and environmental risks connected with specific particles. For example, we receive numerous requests to eliminate the scents caused by the following commonly occurring substances: cannabis, carbon dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methane, and that’s just the beginning.

It is critical to effectively manage these odors, especially regarding the potential health hazards linked with carbon dioxide and methane emissions. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of business owners to protect the safety of their staff and customers at all times, and these odorless, colorless gasses have the potential to rapidly degrade to harmful levels if left unchecked.

Why Odor Removal is Important

Exposure to odors can have a wide range of health impacts. These can range from minor discomforts to life-threatening medical conditions. Odor-causing contaminants can irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. People who are sensitive to potent smells may experience a burning feeling, resulting in coughing, wheezing, or other respiratory difficulties. Some people get headaches, dizziness, or nausea when exposed to strong odors. Mood, anxiety, and stress are all affected when a smell persists or continues resurfacing.

How Do Our Odor Control Misting Systems Work?

As well as helping to cool your business work environment, our odor control systems can also remove hazardous industrial pollutants from your workplace. This has the potential to translate into higher levels of production. We pride ourselves on providing amazing customer service and exceptional odor control systems. Our team works hard ensuring that you receive the highest quality equipment available on the market.

We feature Airborne Malodor odor control systems that utilize the Dasatron chemical indicator and Toxic Chemical Suppression odor control solutions to improve the safety, comfort, and productivity of your company’s work environment. Our odor control misting systems circulate an ultra-fine atomized mist into the targeted regions for general odor management. The devices use specialized technology to disperse the mist over an extensive area or the odor source.

Odor control via misting systems

High-pressure misting systems work by forcing ordinary water through a specific nozzle, resulting in micron-sized droplets of water that are then spread into the air as a misting spray. Droplets of water are drawn to particles, causing them to accumulate weight and eventually fall to the ground, where they can be removed successfully. A neutralizing solution is introduced into the misting systems water supply via chemical injectors as it passes through, allowing high-pressure misting systems to effectively eradicate any odors present.

A top-notch high-pressure misting system will include several clusters, adaptors, and extensions to allow for additional design options. If you need assistance with designing your misting system our team of experts are happy to assist.

Misting fans can also combine air streams into the mist produced by the misting system. This allows the droplets to cover a wider area more efficiently and equally across the use region. All of these characteristics contribute to the effectiveness of odor control.

Our misting and odor control systems are designed according to the Clean Air Act. In addition, commercial dust control systems are offered on an individual basis and must comply with the 1990 Clean Air Act.

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

In addition to standard odor control misting systems, we offer low-pressure and stainless-steel misting fans. Our inventory also includes Fan Retrofit Kits that can turn your regular industrial fan into a misting fan. To learn more about our odor control misting systems and commercial misting units, contact us today.

Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Patio Misting System

Outdoor kitchen and dining patio misting systems have grown in popularity in recent years, and Advanced Misting Systems can meet the needs for your personal and business use. Homeowners and business owners have experimented with a variety of cooling measures for their outdoor kitchens and patios during the hot summer months, ranging from simple umbrellas to evaporative coolers. However, if you live in a location where summer temperatures can soar to triple digits, those methods may be insufficient. Investing in an outdoor kitchen and dining patio misting system from Advanced Misting Systems is undoubtedly the very best solution.

Since the early 1990s, Advanced Misting Systems has been selling advanced commercial and residential backyard misting systems. Over time we’ve enhanced our misting system inventory to incorporate some of the industry’s most advanced patio misting systems and technologies.

How Do Our Outdoor Kitchen & Dining Patio Misting Systems Work?

Patio misting systems have come a long way since their inception. At Advanced Misting Systems, we have always sought to be on the cutting edge of the latest technology in cooling systems. All of our backyard misting systems operate on the principle of evaporative cooling, which occurs when water evaporates in hot or humid air. These systems are equipped with a high-pressure water pump and a powerful blower fan to ensure maximum efficiency.

Let’s better understand how this process works; water is forced through misting nozzles or a centrifugal misting system, resulting in a fog of invisibly tiny water droplets. This fog is so fine that it will not feel damp on your skin or clothing but will instead provide a delightful cooling sensation. Most of our cooling fans can connect directly to your outdoor kitchen water supply.

We also offer stainless steel misting rings, low-pressure misting rings, and a wide range of other professional mister supplies and equipment. With Advanced Misting Systems’ evaporative cooling misters, your patrons, family members and guests will truly thank you for a comfortable outdoor experience.

Why Use Our Misting Systems

The following are just a few of the reasons why our clients continue to give us excellent reviews for outdoor cooling systems:


Our DIY misting systems offer an ideal balance of quality and price. With our high-quality misting kits, you can spend more time outdoors preparing your favorite meals without blowing your budget.

Avoid Heat-Related Health Risks

We all enjoy being outside, especially when the weather permits it. However, spending an extended period of time in sweltering weather might result in significant health risks, such as heat stroke. Heatstroke occurs when the body loses more water to evaporation than it can restore in a short period. Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently issued a warning that heat-related illnesses were on the rise. Therefore, investing in an outdoor misting fan or cooling system is one of the best safeguards against this for your outdoor kitchen or dining area. Whether for a restaurant or home your dinners will appreciate the cooling effect you provide with your outdoor patio misting system.

Eliminates Allergens & Dust

Our outdoor misting systems also have an additional welcome benefit: they can help reduce dust, foul odors, and flying insects. Our cooling systems produce a thin mist that reduces the amount of dust and allergens in the air, thus helping to keep everyone healthier.

Highly Adaptable

The flexibility of our systems means we can cater to any outdoor home or business need. For more intensive applications, we have a 30-foot, 1000-PSI cooling and misting system available. Temperatures can decrease by up to 30 degrees between 30 and 20 feet, depending on the circumstances.

A mid-pressure (300 PSI) misting unit is ideal for regular company operations with a rear patio and can reduce temperatures by up to 20 degrees.

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

The evaporative cooling systems of Advanced Misting System makes use of the most energy-efficient pumps and motors available. Our skilled sales and service staff is well-versed in evaporative cooling, misting fans, outdoor cooling systems, and patio misters. Please contact us today if you have any questions about your own custom configuration of outdoor kitchen misting systems and outdoor dining patio misting systems.

Commercial Outdoor Bar & Patio Misting System

For the highest-quality, affordable commercial outdoor bar and patio misting systems, look no further than Advanced Misting Systems. We have been the premier leader in selling low, medium, and high pressure misting systems for DIY applications such as backyard patios and commercial spaces for close to two decades. This is unsurprising given that outdoor bars, patios, pool side bars, sheds, and outside pubs are becoming increasingly popular all over the country.

Advanced Misting Systems has been a recognized name in the sale of commercial misting systems since the 1990s. During our years in the business, the misting technology in the inventory we carry has evolved tremendously. Including state-of-the-art misting pumps that compliment most of our misting kits.

How Do Our Outdoor Misting Systems Work?

How do our customizable misting systems keep you cool during the hottest days of the summer? Our manufacturer’s proprietary technology leverages the science of thermodynamics, highlighting three methods that the human body utilizes in order to lose heat and cool down; conduction, evaporation, and convection. Misting fans use all three.

Our patio high end misting systems are equipped with a high-pressure water pump, including a powerful blower fan to maximize efficiency. Our high end pumps generate an ultra-fine mist using misting nozzles or a centrifugal misting system to provide a lovely cooling sensation.

Our misting pumps are built with UL-certified components, as our experts about our pumps that include a safety valve that automatically shuts down the pump when the water supply runs low. Furthermore, ask us about our high pressure and mid pressure unit types that have thermal and short circuit protection to avoid overloading your home or business’s breaker circuit.

Benefits of Using Our Outdoor Bar & Patio Misting Systems

For close to two decades, our customers have rated our misting systems as some of the best in the market. Below are the benefits you can expect from our outdoor bar and patio misting solutions.

Lessen the Risk of Heat-Related Health Issues

Outdoor bars and patios are some of the most enjoyable places to be when the weather permits. However, prolonged exposure to excessively hot temperatures can pose serious health hazards during summer, such as heatstroke. Heatstroke is a dangerous condition that is triggered when the body loses more water than it can replenish in a short period of time. Health experts have warned about the rising cases of heat-related illnesses in the country. One of the best preventative measures is to invest in an outdoor misting cooling system. The cooling effect is even greater when our powerful outdoor misting system is coupled with shade.

Customizable & Adaptable

A welcome feature of our patio misting fans is their ability to be customized and tailored to your specific needs. This makes them ideal for any outdoor application, including outdoor bars and patios. Furthermore, they can be used as an alternative to air conditioners and traditional fans, saving money on energy costs. Regardless of the design of your outdoor bar or patio, our outdoor misting systems and misting fans can be configured to provide much-needed relief from the outdoor heat.

Our systems are also highly adaptable. This enables them to meet a variety of outdoor applications, including bars and patios. For larger spaces, we can provide a 30-foot, 1000-PSI misting cooling system which can lower temperatures by up to 30 degrees. We also feature mid-pressure (300 PSI) patio misting units ideal for daily business operations with a small rear patio or serving window.

Eradicate Dust, Odors, Insects, & Allergens

Another advantage of using Advanced Misting Systems’ outdoor misting systems is that they effectively minimize dust, odors, flying insects, and allergens. It’s a well-known fact that one of the disadvantages of being outside is the presence of dust and flying insects, especially if you’re at a restaurant. Thankfully, misters help repel pests from the dinner table or gathering area.

Additionally, because outdoor air is essentially unfiltered, any foul odors from the outside can waft in the area. This is in addition to the potential of allergens being present, such as pollen and ragweed, which can induce severe allergic reactions. By utilizing an outdoor patio misting system, these issues can be considerably mitigated, allowing guests to have a more pleasant outdoor experience.

Ready to Order?

At Advanced Misting Systems, we have amassed tremendous experience in all types of outdoor patio misting and cooling systems, including for bars and patios. Simply put, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we don’t stop helping once the sale is made. Contact us for more information and we’ll be happy to assist with getting your commercial outdoor bar or patio a customized misting system.

Greenhouse Misting System for Keeping Yourself & Your Plants Cool

One of the best ways to keep your plants cool and hydrated during hot months is to invest in a greenhouse misting system from Advanced Misting Systems. For over two decades, Advanced Misting Systems has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-tech misting and cooling systems for both residential and commercial use. We stock a healthy inventory of DIY misting systems, kits, fans, and pumps for your greenhouse needs.

Our Company

Our company has made significant strides in misting technology since our inception back in the 90s. Today, Advanced Misting Systems is rated as one of the best in the market. Even though we’re headquartered in San Clemente, California, our misting products are nationally renowned. This comes as no surprise given our commitment to quality and excellence.

misting systems in a greenhouse

How Do Greenhouse Misting Systems Work?

Greenhouse misting systems are an effective way of cooling both plants and their caretakers. Good air circulation is required to protect plants from harmful “hot spots” and improve growing conditions. One way of doing this is through misting fans. These not only cool the air but also increase humidity and improve air circulation.

If you love spending time in the greenhouse tending your plants, then a misting kit is a must-have. The units work through a process known as “evaporative cooling.” where advanced misting pumps generate a micro-fine mist that is sprayed into the air.

When this mist evaporates, it usurps heat from the surrounding air, causing temperatures to dip slightly. This process is so effective that after hundreds of millions of these mist droplets are released into the air, the temperature can cool by an impressive 35 degrees in just a few minutes. The result is healthier plants, flowers, and vegetables. Let’s examine the process further.

Why Use Our Greenhouse Misting Systems?

Greenhouse misting systems and misting fans are efficient tools for greenhouse cooling and humidification. They can play an essential part in providing perfect growing conditions for successful greenhouse growth. Below are a few reasons why you should consider investing in one of our greenhouse systems.

Creates Ideal Conditions for Plants to Thrive

Greenhouses are constructed to harness the heat generated by the sun throughout a single day. However, if the weather outside becomes too hot, the temperature within the greenhouse may become too high for the plants to tolerate. This necessitates the use of greenhouse misting systems. Our misting solutions play a crucial role in establishing the perfect growing conditions that plants require to thrive.

Our greenhouse fans can lower the temperature inside the greenhouse by up to 35°F using the concept of evaporative cooling that we explained earlier. So now you can keep both plants and gardeners comfortable at all times of day or night.

Easy to Install

Our greenhouse misting systems are easy to install. For individuals who prefer to do their installation, we offer a selection of DIY cooling systems that are simple to set up and use standard tap water pressure. Our support team is available to assist you with more difficult installations if necessary.

greenhouse fresh growth using misting systems


If you’re looking to install the ideal greenhouse mist cooling system without breaking the bank, Advanced Misting Systems has just the right solution for you. You can take advantage of our lowest price guarantee on all DIY applications of misting systems and pre-packaged kits. For personal product assistance or help with a custom misting solution for your home or business, our expert support team is here to assist.

Excellent Support

When you purchase one of our misting cooling systems, you can expect excellent customer service. We maintain a vast supply of parts and accessories on-hand for DIY installations. Do you need phone support? Not a problem! Our highly educated staff is available to assist you with any misting queries or concerns. If you need help with repairs or troubleshooting, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

How To Choose A Misting System For A Small Space

How To Choose A Misting System For A Small Space

When it comes to expanding your living space during sweltering hot summer months, a misting system is particularly effective. For most people, the last thing they want during the summer months is to be trapped indoors constantly. Not to mention, it can be expensive to have the AC always running on full blast.

To avoid a scenario where it feels like you’re trapped indoors and always looking outside to a small patio, or apartment balcony, or perhaps a small yard and thinking, “If only!”, then a misting system could indeed be just the thing you’re looking for.

How An Outdoor Misting System Works For Small Spaces

The way an outdoor mist cooling system works is relatively simple. Essentially, specialized nozzles force pressurized water through a tiny opening, which creates the fine mist. Then, as the moisture evaporates, a cooling effect is achieved. Through this happening, you can comfortably spend time outdoors in a space that would perhaps be unbearable during the hottest summer months.

If you’re paying for an outdoor space, like a small yard or balcony, but never using it, then you aren’t getting the most out of it that you could be. But, with a misting system, all of that can change for the better. And, as an added benefit, installing a mister for small spaces is a valuable amenity that can add value to your property—which is never a bad thing!

Things To Consider When Getting A Mister System For A Small Space

There are several things to consider when choosing your own mist cooling system. Let’s go over some of these factors.

How Many Areas You Want Misting In

A significant point of consideration is how many areas you think will need misting. For example, if you have a small patio and a balcony at your condo, then you may want both of those areas to have a space cooling system. This can be especially useful if you have family members who enjoy spending time outside or have friends who often visit your place.

Size Of The Areas

The size of the area you want to be misted certainly plays a factor in the type of outdoor misting system that will be best suited for you. The floor area and height of the location will come into play here when choosing an ideal mist cooling system.

The Company Doing The Installation

Installing a misting system may not be rocket science, but you still want a company with plenty of experience and can do it right. For example, an inexperienced company may set the mist spray cooling system to be pressurized too high or too low, which will make it less effective. They may also not winterize it correctly, which if done properly will protect it when the weather turns colder.

Here at Advanced Misting Systems, we have over 20 years of experience installing misting systems for all clients, whether they are residential or commercial.

How To Measure For Your Mist Spray Cooling System

To measure the area where you want your backyard patio misting system to provide cooling, you’ll want to have a measuring tape. Then you’ll want to determine both the floor area and the height of the location you want your misting system installed.

What Temperature Decrease Can I Expect?

You can expect a temperature decrease of around thirty degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, a one-hundred-degree area that may feel unbearable to be in can be dropped to a comfortable room temperature level of seventy degrees. Any outdoor space you have will suddenly be turned into a spot you, friends, and family can all comfortably relax in.

Here Are Three Great Misting Systems We Recommend For Small Spaces

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Simply reach out to us here, and we will help guide you in choosing the ideal mist system for your needs.